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Your wedding is only a week away, what are the final things that you need to get done? Well we are here to tell you some of the most important last minute details to finalize the week before your wedding!

Final Payments
Make sure that all of your vendors have been paid and finalize any tips that you will give to any vendors on the day of. You don’t want to forget to pay any vendors and have them not show up on the day!
Finalize Your Vows
Whether you are writing your own vows or using more traditional ones make sure that you have them finalized by the week of your wedding. If you are writing your own it’s a great idea to practice several times to make sure that they flow the way that you want them to and finalize any last minute details you would like to include.
Get Marriage License
You technically have a month to your wedding day to get your marriage license, but waiting at least a week before is a good idea to make sure you can get your marriage license. Make sure you have all the proper materials with you as well!
It’s time to rehearse! This week before your wedding is typically when you will hold your rehearsal dinner. So you will rehearse the ceremony and any other details on this day to help you actual day run as smoothly as possible. You may not think you need to rehearse something like this, but it greatly helps everything flow like it’s supposed to and helps calm the nerves as well!

You are almost there, so remember to just relax and enjoy every moment. Try to get good rest the week and especially the night before so you will be feeling fresh and ready to enjoy every moment of your big day!

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