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If you are a fan of the Fire and Ice book series or the HBO TV series Game of Thrones you know that weddings are typically not an event to be excited about, but that you should fear for your life. (Fear the Rains of Castamere!) But the GOT themed wedding that William and Hailey threw would bring any family together! (Maybe even a Lannister and Stark!)
William, who is in the Navy and was stationed in Hawaii and Hailey already had an intimate elopement before this event, but wanted to have a local ceremony with family and friends and they decided to go all out in the Game of Thrones theme! This combination of Fire and Ice would make any GOT fan’s heart explode!
The bride and groom made sure that every detail used was perfectly on theme. From the Targaryen accessories worn by the bride, the Stark style accents that the groom dawned, all the way down to the Jon Snow tattoo on the bride’s arm! They didn’t forget about their crew either. The preacher wore a fur pelt and leather arm cuffs similar to the men of the Night’s Watch, and the Maid of Honor dawned the Hand of the King pin!
The details didn’t stop there. The amazing 5 tiered cake made by The Peanut Butter Sucker  displayed all the Game of Thrones houses. The best part about it was the bride and groom cut the came using a sword (but they did it way better than Joffery at his wedding) And The Belle Hollow venue served as the perfect locale for this theme.
Needless to say this was a perfect union between Fire and Ice just like the Dragon Queen and King of the North (except they didn’t find out they were related)

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