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There is a new trend of couples opting for at-home engagement sessions and we are here for it! There are many reasons that this could be a great option for couples, but here are just a few of our favorites featuring fabulous photography from Wilde Company!


Whoever said “Home is where the heart is” was absolutely right! Your home is typically the place that you feel the most comfortable. This is a great reason if you are nervous about doing your engagement photos in a public place. If you opt for at-home photos you definitely be more comfortable! Taking photos in public can be kind of nerve wracking especially for shy individuals so having an intimate setting at your home could help to ease these anxieties and make the experience more fun!


Doing at-home photos really adds a personal touch, especially if it’s a home that you both share. This is YOUR space and really shows the personality of your relationship. It’s truly personal to you and your spouse. You probably spend the most time with your spouse at your home together which will beautifully show through your images!

More Intimate

If you are wanting more intimate photos, doing them at-home is definitely the way to go. Being out in public for your engagement photos can be distracting and take you out of the special moments. This is also a great idea if you are wanting a more “sexy” vibe! Some of our favorite are when couples incorporate lingerie or have a sultry setting!


Having your engagement photos at home is definitely more easy for you! That way you have all your outfits at your disposal if you want to change, or can touch up make up and hair easily.


In this uncertain world that we live in you may be hesitant to be out in public places for your engagement photos. Doing them at-home is a great way to ensure your safety.


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