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Engagement season is right around the corner and we feel it’s important for couples to know the difference between Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator  so we asked Aly owner of  Events by Aly to explain the difference.

During the process of planning your wedding, several ideas and people are thrown in your direction. Something that most (not all!) brides don’t understand is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator. As much as I love venue coordinators, not all are there for the best interest of YOU, the bride.

A venue coordinator is looking out for the best interest of the venue. A wedding coordinator looks out for the best interest of you. The venue coordinator deals with everything having to do with the venue- food, setup, etc. A wedding coordinator will deal with aspects of the venue, such as setup, and will make sure everything is to your specifications, as well as communicating with every other vendor to make sure your day is the best it can be.

When deciding between a venue coordinator vs. wedding coordinator, take time to consider the ceremony. Will it be at the reception venue, or offsite? If it will be taking place at another location then the venue coordinator will most likely not travel, whereas a wedding coordinator will be there with you for both.

A wedding coordinator is there to be your right hand throughout the day and night. My goal as a planner is to make sure you are the bride, your mom is the mom, your sister is the sister, etc. I, as a wedding coordinator, will be there to let you know when things are happening (i.e. first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.) and will be there until the last guest and vendor leaves. A venue coordinator will be at the venue, most likely in the office, to make sure the building doesn’t burn down or to help if we need an extra chair or 2. Lost your lipstick? Let your wedding coordinator be there to find it so you can enjoy your new husband and guests without missing a beat!

Now like I said earlier, I LOVE venue coordinators! They are there to help me as your wedding coordinator assure that everything runs smoothly and that the layout of your event is perfect. I just want you to have a better understanding of the difference so that YOUR day is the BEST Day Ever!

We’d love to know do you plan to have a wedding coordinator for your big day?

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