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Surprisingly there are a lot of couples that get married without discussing many important things that they may face later in life within their marriage. Some couples get so caught up in the romance and the “honeymoon” stage that some topics may not get brought up because it can in some ways “bring down the mood”. Here are three important questions couples should talk about before marriage.
Do we want children?
This is one of the biggest issues that married couples deal with. It is definitely one of the most important things that needs to be established before two people commit to marriage. It can cause major strain if you find out that you have opposite views on this. Because it’s not fair to either person to have to change how they feel about it. If you want kids, you shouldn’t have to give up on that, same with if you don’t want them. This definitely isn’t a first date conversation, but needs to be addressed before you walk down the aisle.
How will we manage finances?
One of the leading causes of divorce between married couples is disagreements on finances. When you become married it’s typical that your finances will now be joined (which doesn’t have to be the case, but it typically makes paying bills easier) But this is a topic that you need to figure out before getting married because it can cause a lot of arguments.
Do we know our Love Languages?
There is a fantastic book called “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman that we recommend that every person read before they get married. The concept basically teaches that not everyone gives and receives love in the same way. It’s important to learn your love languages as well as your partners so you know how to best support them in the manner that they respond to. You may think that you are being very attentive to your partner, but if it’s not in a love language that they understand or like to receive it can seem as though they are being cold. It’s also a great thing that you can do together to learn more about each other!
There are many more important things that should be discussed before getting married, but these are a few that we felt were very important when planning to spend your life with someone. Marriage is a serious commitment and isn’t always roses and rainbows. It takes real work and effort. But if both parties are willing to do this, it can be the most beautiful thing!
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