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Your bestie finally said yes to the perfect person and now she’s asked you to be a bridesmaid, how exciting! Some people think that being a bridesmaid is all fun and games, but you have some important duties that are expected of you as a bridesmaid that you need to fulfill.

Help Plan Events

It’s typical that the Maid or Matron of Honor plans the bridal shower and bachelorette party, but as a bridesmaid it’s your duty to help out! This doesn’t necessarily mean financially, but be there to support the maid of honor. Help her come up with ideas, help her find locations and activities to do. Being a maid of honor can be super stressful, but this can be minimized with the help of the bridesmaids!

Suck It Up

You may be put in a situation where you are sharing time with a person that you don’t care for that’s also in the wedding party. This is not an ideal situation, but keep it civil for the bride. Chances are the bride is already super stressed about planning the biggest day of her life she doesn’t need her besties fighting as well! Also remember that this day is not about you, it’s about the bride and groom, so do whatever you can to help them. (within reason of course, we know there is a such thing as a bridezilla!)

Pay For Your Dress

Most of the time bridesmaids are expected to purchase the bridesmaid dress that the bride chooses. Sometimes this can come at a high cost, but when you accept being a bridesmaid you are also accepting some financial responsibility. And if you are in a bad financial situation it’s okay to decline being a bridesmaid and just attending the wedding. Your bestie will understand!

Attend Events

Bridesmaids are typically asked to attend bridal shower, bachelorette and rehearsal dinner. If at all possible try your best to attend all these events. The bride wants to share all these lovely memories with her bestie by her side!

Have Fun!

These will be some of the most fun days that you will ever share with your friends so cherish this time! Don’t let little details get in the way of having fun with them and suck in every moment!


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