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Why RSVPs Are Important

RSVPs are important for many reasons. They allow the bride and groom to know the most accurate number of people that will be attending their big day. This is important for knowing how much food and drink to buy, how many tables they will need for seating, etc. Most venues have a maximum number of people, so knowing how many people are attending is crucial for this as well.

Why People Don’t RSVP

For some reason there is a misconception that guests feel that RSVPs are not that important when attending a wedding. I think this has happened for several reasons:

  1. They’ve never planned a wedding or big event before and truly don’t understand why it’s necessary.
  2. Guests think that ‘oh it’s just one person so it’s fine if I don’t RSVP’ (but of course if a lot of people think this way it can really mess with the actual number of attendees)
  3. They are indecisive, so they just don’t bother to respond.
  4. A guest may have a potential conflict and won’t know until it gets really close to the event if they can attend.
  5. They truly just forgot.

RSVP Etiquette 

  1. RSVP as timely as it’s possible for you.
  2. If it does not exclusively say that you can bring a plus one, do not bring one. (Also, plus ones are typically for spouses or serious relationships, not your friend that has never met the bride and groom)
  3. Whoever the wedding invitation is address to is who is invited. It does not give you the freedom to invite your Aunt Sally to the wedding. (They addressed it to only you for a reason, if Aunt Sally is invited she will get her own invitation)
  4. Respond in the form that the bride and groom ask for. If you get an email invite, it’s acceptable to RSVP with an email. But if you get a mailed invitation, you should send an RSVP by mail. Basically, just follow the instructions of the couple. (They don’t need text messages and verbal RSVPs to keep up with if they asked for it by mail)
  5. RSVP even if you aren’t coming.

What To Do When People Don’t RSVP

Unfortunately there is not a simple or fun answer to this issue. The bottom line is you cannot force people to do their duty to RSVP so some may need some pushing. But this is a good place to maybe utilize a friend or family member to help. Maybe delegate someone to help contact people who have not RSVP’d that you expect to be there. A simple text or email would suffice,  or maybe a call.

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