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Your wedding day is obviously one of the biggest and most exciting days of your life, for good reason! It’s one of the main events in your life that you will look the most forward to. So of course if anything keeps it from happening it can be devastating for the couple, also for family and friends. COVID has caused thousands of weddings to be pushed back or cancelled which has caused a lot of stress and sadness around the world. So if Covid cancelled your wedding, what do you do now?

It’s Okay To Be Sad

During such a sad time in the world with all the sickness, loss and not knowing what the future holds going forward it can make you feel guilty for grieving your wedding when so many others are experiencing terrible things, but it’s okay. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life so it’s perfectly fine to be sad and it’s important to take that time to accept it. But also knowing that it will happen one day!

Move Forward

Even though things are uncertain right now it’s still not a bad idea to start thinking about tentative new dates for the future. Maybe a year from now when things will hopefully be more under control and safer. If you find vendors that are willing to set tentative dates because of the circumstances it’s great for having a future plan, and if those plans change that’s okay.

Plan Smaller

Obviously having large gatherings during this time may not be the safest so contemplate having a smaller, safe gathering instead (You can always have a larger gathering down the road). You can still have a wonderful wedding while taking precautions to keep everyone safe. You could even have a virtual wedding and an in person later!

Especially during this time, communicate with each other and make decisions together.




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