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So you’re newly engaged, congratulations! Now it’s time to party! An engagement party isn’t an absolute must, but we think it can be important for these 4 reasons:

Planning Practice

Planning an engagement party to celebrate your recent news can be a great pre-planning exercise to get ready for planning the big day. A lot of couple’s underestimate how much work it truly is to plan a wedding so this can be a great way to practice! Many things that you will need to plan for a great engagement party are similar to things you will need for your wedding. This can be a great way to get in contact with a lot of application vendors. Also, to see if you would want a potential vendor for your big day after the engagement party.

Bring Your Families Together

Having an engagement gathering is a great way to bring your families together, especially if they haven’t met or been around each other much. Once you are married you will be truly a blended family so it’s a great idea to get everyone together before the big day to meet and mingle!

Wedding Parties Meeting

It’s also great for getting your friends and bridal/grooms parties together. Some of the people in your parties might not know each other well and it’s a good way to get everyone acquainted before the real events start happening! Chances are these people will be working closely together to plan your other events so important they meet and mesh well!

It’s Fun!

And the most important reason is that you don’t actually need a real reason, it’s just fun! Getting engaged is one of the biggest moments of your life and it’s important to celebrate it! And I bet your friends and family would agree!

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