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Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, but it’s also one that will go by the quickest and all the little details may be a bit blurry after because of the surreal nature of the day. One thing we highly recommend doing is providing a way to document your big day through the eyes of your guests. This way you can look back on your big day from a different point of view than your own!


Having a photobooth at your reception is not only a super fun option for your guests (and you and your spouse) but it’s also a great way to see the night from your guests perspective! It’s also a really fun keepsake for everyone.

Photo by Rebecca Vaughan Photography

A really fun and popular trend among photobooths is a 360 photobooth like Emjay Flash Galaxy!

Polaroid / Disposable Cameras

Providing disposable or polaroid cameras to your guests is a great way to see your big day through their eyes. Allow your guests to take photos throughout the night and then you can look back on them later. One fun and easy way if you opt for a polaroid camera (photos will instantly be printed) is providing an album for your guests to put their polaroids in as soon as they develop to have them all in one place! You can even provide pens or markers for them to leave you a little message. Disposable cameras are a great option as well – you won’t be able to instantly see the photos but that kind of the fun! Weeks after your wedding you can get the photos developed and relive the night again from your guests POVs!

Photo Credit: Wilde Company

Online Album

In the digital world we live in providing a way for guests to upload photos right from their phone is a super easy way for your guests to share your big day from their view! You can use google photos which works for both iphone and google phone users. If you have guests with Iphones you can create a shared album and ask them to upload right through their phone and everyone that joins the shared album can see! It’s super fun for everyone to look through the photos of the day and night and see any moments they didn’t get to capture.

Nashville Elopement

Alternative Guest Books

Traditional guest books are great for guests to leave you a little note or congratulations, but there are other really fun alternatives to just a written one! You can opt for a phone booth type guest book where your guests can leave you a voice message to listen to later. Or you can do a “confessional” type guest book where guests can sit in front of a camera and leave you a video message!

Photo Credit: Knotting Hill Photography 

Phone guest book: Remarkable Guest Book 

Shared Video Camera

If you don’t have a videographer for your big day, but would still like some video of the day you could opt for a shared video camera to be passed around amongst your guests throughout the night. Something simple where guests can just press play and record short clips and pass around to someone else. This would be super fun to watch back after together!



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