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It’s no secret that wedding planning is stressful, but one of the most stressful things that can happen is losing a wedding vendor last minute. Although it’s pretty uncommon, it does still happen sometimes and it’s important to be prepared. Here are a few of our best tips if this happens to you:

Stay Calm

It’s important to stay calm if this happens because you are already under enough stress. Take a breath and figure out what your next steps are. It’s a lot okay to be upset about this because it can be a huge bummer to lose a vendor you really like.

Check with Happily Connected

Duh! First place you should check is your amazing wedding vendor resource Happily Connected!

Check With Your Wedding Planner

Another place to go is your wedding planner if you have one. This will take the stress off of you having to look for a new vendor and they will know a ton to reach out to.

Check With Other Vendors

If you vendor has to drop out last minute a lot of times they will have a list of other vendors you can check with to see if they are available to step in. If they don’t asking some of your other vendors can be another place to look. Wedding vendors tend to be pretty connected in that world so it’s likely they will all have someone to recommend to you to replace the vendor you lost.

Use Social Media

Social media is a great place to find a new vendor if you need to. You can search hashtags to find vendors of the type you need and in your area. Also, facebook has a ton of local vendor groups including the Happily Connected Wedding Planning Community that you can join and post messages to see if anyone is available for your date.


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    Dealing with a last-minute wedding vendor cancellation can be extremely stressful, but this article offers some valuable guidance on how to navigate this challenging situation. Firstly, staying calm and composed is crucial, as panicking will only add to the stress. The author suggests reaching out to your network of connections, including friends, family, and other vendors, who may be able to provide recommendations or fill in for the canceled vendor. Additionally, checking with your wedding planner or coordinator for assistance and expertise is a wise move. Lastly, being flexible and open to creative solutions, such as hiring a local professional or utilizing online resources, can help salvage your wedding plans. This article provides practical advice that can help couples overcome the unexpected hurdle of a vendor cancellation and ensure that their special day goes as smoothly as possible.