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Music definitely helps to set the tone of your wedding and reception. So we asked C.T. of The Music City Sound to tell us some things that you need to know before hiring a wedding band and here’s what he told us!


Your wedding band will be one of the most important pieces of an unforgettable wedding day, yet chances are pretty good that this is your first time ever trying to hire one. There are certainly a lot of things to think about when it comes to entertainment for your special day, but if you keep these important facts in mind, you will be able to hire your wedding band like a pro.

  1. It’s a lot more than “just music”. When you hire a wedding band, you are going to be depending on them for more than just a musical backdrop to your special night. In all likelihood, you will be depending on them to control the flow of events, make announcements, help organize any speeches that occur, all while helping your guests stay out of their seat and party it up on the dance floor. Most importantly, however, you will be trusting in them to craft and maintain the energy and mood that you want for your event. Everything from their song selectionand choreography to the band’s wardrobe and lighting setup will have a considerable effect on how your guests feel and remember your night. This is one of the most vital reasons you should select a wedding band with a wealth of experience. A professional group with hundreds of weddings under their belts should know exactly how to help you achieve the ideal feel for your event.
  2. Your guests don’t have the same musical taste as you – and that’s a GOOD thing. Maybe your Aunt Janine is a huge classic rock fan and your cousin Kyle wants to listen to trap hip-hop all night long – maybe neither one of them want to “boot scoot” to the 90’s classic country hits that you prefer. This may sound like a recipe for disappointment, but trust us when we say that nearly every wedding reception or event that we have ever performed at has suffered from these apparent pitfalls. There are many songs that are timeless and whose appeal spans multiple generations. A seasoned professional wedding band will know how to work with you to craft the perfect wedding reception playlist to ensure that everybody stays on their feet and having a blast.
  3. A great wedding band will be a fairly large expense. (But you are getting a lot for your money) When it comes to your wedding budget, there are a lot of things to account for, and it is likely that your wedding reception entertainment will be one of the larger and more rewarding investments into making your event enchanting and unforgettable.  In order to create an engaging and lively environment for your guests, a professional wedding band will often bring a trailer full of lighting and audio equipment (really) to make sure your night looks spectacular and sounds amazing. In addition, between instrumentalists, singers, and sound crew, wedding bands can bring as many as twelve people with them to help make your event a smashing success. It has been our experience that these entertainment packages pay dividends in terms of bringing energy and excitement to your guests. More important than expenses, however, is the incomparable value a professional wedding band will bring.
  4. Your band will probably be in a lot of your pictures. Make sure they look sharp! One, Ten, or Thirty years from now the majority of your memories will be enshrined in photos and videos. While the sound of your wedding entertainment is vital to your event’s energy, it is also hugely important that they look professional and sharp. Make sure that you take advantage of social media resources like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube when you are shopping for the right wedding band. Ask yourself, “will these performers compliment  the visual feel of my event? Do they dress professionally and appropriately for the event? Do they have a distinguished look?” Just like a beautiful venue or lavish flower arrangements, your wedding entertainers should elevate the visual appeal of your wedding evening and encourage your guests to engage and have an unforgettable night.
  5. The venue may have certain requirements regarding noise and loud music. We’ve played a lot of venues where the location is near a residential area… sometimes these venues have a sound level (decibel) restriction. If you want to hire the 10-piece band with a full horn section, it won’t have the desired effect you’re looking for if everyone has to perform at a whisper. If you’re set on your venue and there are noise ordinances at play, maybe rethink your band size – something smaller and more intimate might get the job done a bit better, and as a bonus, it could save you some money as well. Additionally, an experienced band will likely have worked with your venue or venue coordinator before, and these potential issues become infinitely easier to manage if their professional relationship is already established.
  6. You need to decide what part(s) of the event will have live music. Your wedding day and night will consist of a few different key parts so its important for you to consider which parts you would love to have improved by the energy of a live band. Typically, the reception is what most people contract a wedding band for, however live entertainment can complement any portion of your day. Having a jazz trio play for your cocktail hour can lend a very classy air to your evening. Also, having a classical guitarist, organ player, or even a harpist can take your ceremony to the next level. A veteran wedding entertainer should be able to help you coordinate the best performers for every part of your wedding day.
  7. A band’s gotta EAT (and take breaks). Don’t leave your guests bored…If you have a typical length ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, it is very likely that the total length of time for your event could last 6 or more hours. For context, that’s enough time for some Olympians to run 3 marathons! Wedding bands typically arrive hours before your event ever begins and they are usually still packing up their equipment until well after you and your new spouse have ridden off into the sunset. These guys and gals are going to need to keep up their energy in order to provide your guests with the best experience possible, so taking breaks is an inescapable reality. The great news here is that an experienced wedding band won’t leave your guests to suffer in awkward silence – they should have songs and entertainment prepared to keep your guests engaged in the meantime. When your band comes back from their break, they will continue to knock your guests’ socks off with a renewed energy!

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