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Whether you are planning your wedding or simply having a gathering of friends, we thought we would share the cocktail trends for 2019.  According to the Lifestyle Magazine, during the 2018 World Class Bartender of the Year Competition, a panel of the world’s leading flavor experts discussed what the future of drinks will look like in 2019.  The top three cocktail trends are Low and No-ABV Cocktails, #MyCocktail and Sustaining the Momentum. How do you fit these trends into your wedding cocktails.

1. Signature Cocktail

Historically, cocktails are chosen based on budget and pleasing the crowd. Todays couple, wants a cocktail that reflects their relationship and tastes good  as well as looks good.

2. Mocktails

If you are serving a signature cocktail, don’t leave anyone out of the experience. A non-alcoholic version of your signature cocktail is a must. There are a myriad of reasons that your friends and family may choose not to “drink“, ranging from being the designated driver to pregnancy and it’s also a perfect way to include the kiddos.

3. Make It Pretty

When choosing your cocktails, think how well will it photograph. You will thank yourself later when you are sharing your photos on Instagram. Dark drinks like Long Island Iced Tea just aren’t pretty in pictures. Choose something light and airy with pretty garnishments. Coordinating with your colors and theme is also a good way to choose.

4. Make it Easy to Replicate

If you’ve been to a wedding recently, you know the bartender is one of the busiest people at your wedding. So do them a favor and make their job a little easier by choosing a cocktail they can make easily and quickly. Try to keep the recipe to a 3 ingredient total.

5. Don’t forget After-Dinner Drinks

Last call is usually about 30 to 45 minutes before the end of your event. Offer your guests an after-party drink by having a coffee or tea station. Make it pretty by adding garnishments and serving them in pretty glassware.

Here are two recipes we thought look pretty and sound yummy. The Tuscan Fresco is a Mocktail and the Purple Halo would make a  gorgeous Signature Cocktail.

2019 Cocktail Trends

Tuscan Fresco

Fall Signature Drink - Purple

The Purple Halo

We would love to hear what you are planning to serve your guests!

Feature Photo Credit: Wilde Company





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