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Anomalie Beauty Agency provides beautiful hair and makeup services that are perfect for your big day! They always strive to give the best results for their clients and have lots of knowledge to share! Keep reading on for their recommendations as to why you maybe shouldn’t schedule your bridal beauty trial before your engagement photos.

CONGRATS, you’re officially engaged! As many of our future bridal babes plan towards their big day, engagement photos are often the first stop on the way on your wedding planning journey. So many of our brides ask us if they can book their bridal hair and makeup preview on the day of their engagement photos. But is this really the best idea? In our opinion, we would recommend against this, and here is why!

💄 Typically, engagement photos are taken about one year from the date of the wedding. Although this is not always the case, for this reason, it’s too early to do your trial. Our recommended timeline to book your bridal preview is between 1-3 months out maximum

📸 The second reason is the appropriateness of the look. It’s likely that your engagement photos will be a slightly more relaxed version of your actual wedding in terms of attire and setting. For that reason alone, the look you may want to wear for your hair and makeup on the wedding in a big formal white dress may not look the best with a more casual outfit and styling.

🥂 Last but not least, we believe that while doing your trial for your engagements may not be the best idea, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your hair and makeup professionally done – quite the opposite! We recommend working with your artist & stylist as many times as possible before the big day (this is why we offer packages that INCLUDE engagement H&MUA 😍) so you can get comfortable working with your chosen pros. Save your trial for later on in the process so we can really take our time perfecting your look – and let’s have fun playing with the glam for your engagement photos 🙌🏼

Glam by Anomalie Beauty Agency (Victoria Allman)

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