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Want to elevate your wedding reception and WOW your guests? Not only is DJ Rideout a fantastic option for a DJ for your big day, they also offer super cool special effects! Check out what they have to offer!

Their lighting capabilities include accent lighting, color wash lights, moving lighting to the sound of the music, moving head lights, black lights and lasers. All of their lighting packages come with the use of a haze machine to accent the lights. DJ Rideout also offers low-lying or geyser fog machines to capture our full lighting experience, however venue restrictions sometimes apply. Other options include confetti cannons, cold spark machines, video monogramming, custom gobos, video projection, LED foam sticks, bubble machines, and much more!! Use your imagination and they can bring it to life.

Cold Sparkler Fountains

Indoor/outdoor safe for touch cold sparkler machines are the perfect add on to bring a bang to your event! They rent these out in sets of 2. The sparks can go as high as 20 feet in the air.

cold sparkler fountain rental spark
Wireless Pin Spotting

Light up your investment! Pin spotting are wireless, battery operated, powerful LED pin spots. They rent these in sets of 10. These feature magnetic, clamp or drop ceiling mounting options, programmable with a remote after installation, able to insert colored gels into the lens to create the perfect color and can be positioned in multiple areas throughout the event.

LED wireless battery pin spots
Dancing on the Cloud

This has always been a big hit with the first dance at weddings. DJ Rideout offers two options to create this effect: dry ice machine or low lying ice fog machines. If you want this classic look, they can make it happen!!

Dancing on the cloud low lying fog dry ice machine
Custom Gobo Projection

See your name in lights at your event. DJ Rideout can custom make gobo projections on walls, ceilings, floors or anywhere you would like it crisp and clear. They offer cool white or warm white projectors. They can also build projection monogram loops and displays.

custom monogram gobo projection
Bubble Machines

DJ Rideout has several professional grade bubble machines available. The bubble machines provide a unique and magical experience. Everyone loves bubbles!! Ask about the UV reactive bubbles and combine them with the UV and Laser dance party for an amazing party.

bubble machine rental

Confetti Cannon

DJ Rideout has a few options for confetti cannons depending on the mounting location. If you’re looking for an unforgettable picture opportunity or surprise for your guests, this is the perfect way to take your event to the next level.

confetti cannon machine rental

If you are wanting to take your event to the next level, contact DJ Rideout!


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