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Magical is the first word that comes to mind when describing Terri & Chris’ butterfly release elopement at Tennessee Tiny Wedding! This amazingly precious couple were married in September of 2022 on a rainy and overcast day.  This may be why it is said that it is good luck to rain on your wedding day…..
Terri & Chris Hozian were so excited about their Tennessee Tiny Wedding!  The Couple loved the connection they had and also loved being together and dreamed of an intimate and stress-free Wedding where they could walk away Married!  Thier only guest was Mrs. Hozian, the Grooms Mother.
Terri & Chris’ ceremony was absolutely magical.  The weather was pleasant, but it did sprinkle raindrops most of the day as you will see the adorable clear bubble umbrellas in some of the photos.  Chris so wanted to marry his beautiful Bride outside by the Love Shack, under the big tree, as everything fell right into place as the big tree acted as nature’s umbrella and their ceremony happened right in the spot they desired.
The Couple wanted to have a Butterfly release during the ceremony as a memorial service to their family that has passed on.  Chris ordered the butterflies from California.  The release was simply enchanting …breathtaking…so very beautiful as each butterfly took flight and some even landed on the Bride & Groom as if to “say Happy Wedding Day”!
The officiant, Julie had a little secret for the end of the ceremony.  As it was time to pronounce Terri & Chris for the 1st time as Mr. & Mrs. Hozian, Julie actually had everything typed out and called The Groom’s Mom up to the altar and ask her to read what was on the paper.   It was such a wonderful and well received gesture that the Couple and the mom of the Groom said they will always treasure that Chris’s Mom introduced them for the very 1st time.
Officiant/Coordinator: Julie Tucker
Assistant and DJ: James Tucker

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  1. Terri Hozian

    I absolutely love this! Thank you Julie and James for making this such a beautiful experience that we will treasure forever.