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Rick + Mary Beth’s wedding day on June 27, 2020 was nothing short of a fairytale! The Scarritt Bennett Center served as the perfect venue for their ceremony that was filled with love, laughter and gorgeous details! The greenery from the bouquet perfectly matched the deep green bridesmaid’s dresses and beautifully complimented the bride’s gown from Eleven Bridal!
“During the ceremony, right as my dad and I were about to walk through the open doors, our sweet photographer got a bit close to my veil and put enough weight on it for it to pop off right as I walked. I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I remember saying to myself “This is hilarious, I can’t wait to tell Rick” I had the biggest smile on my face as I walked down, and not an ounce of nervousness or disappointment that I wasn’t “perfect” in my mind. I was just so happy and thought of course this would happen! Everyone said I had the largest smile and was every bit the happy bride walking down. It wasn’t a big deal at all, as everyone was able to see the beautiful back of the dress. And since it was right at the start, no one even noticed I had lost it. They say “don’t worry about the little things in the wedding” and its 100% true. If my veil popping off was the very worst thing of the day, then my wedding was perfect. If you’re wondering what happened with the veil, my wedding planner crawled on the side of the pews and handed it to my bridemaids who quickly added it to my hair as we walked down together. She was amazing! And the photographer was so sorry, but it wasn’t a deal to us at all. She was amazing and we loved her still.”  – Written by the bride Mary Beth McConnell
About the Bride and Groom:
Rick and Mary Beth met like most millennials do, via a dating app. After affirming they both weren’t serial killers, they decided on a low key Nashville establishment to meet. They chatted for hours, asking various questions on movies and music, to talking smack about each other’s chosen football teams. After a few hours, they moved on to a game of darts. They were pretty even, going toe-to-toe on throws, when Rick decided to up the ante. If you’ve ever played darts, the hardest, and typically the last, throw is for the bulls-eye. Rick decided that if he made the bulls-eye, he would get a kiss; and if Mary Beth won, she wanted some fries. Rick went to the line and showed his true colors. Now, Rick says God decided to bless him in that exact moment, while Mary Beth says he hustled her. But low and behold, Rick made the bulls-eye, winning the game. Mary Beth wasn’t a sore loser, so she gave him a kiss on the first date…but he was also a gentleman and ordered her fries as well.
How He Popped The Question: July 4, 2019
Rick and Mary Beth’s favorite holiday is July 4th—the atmosphere, the patriotism, and of course, the fireworks. Rick was planning on getting them on top of a roof to view the Nashville fireworks as they had done the previous year. All day, they met with friends and went to local events before the big evening show. Rick was very adamant about getting great photos this year and was oddly concerned with what Mary Beth was wearing for the photo. She didn’t have a clue and thought nothing of it as she too wanted better photos. But what she didn’t know is Rick had planned this event for months— as in every family member and friend basically knew before she did. He had gotten help from his friend to hold the ring in the restaurant safe the day prior! Around 8:30 they climbed to the roof where they waited for the moment to start. Other servers and bartenders had climbed up too wanting to catch the best views. The fireworks began, and one of the servers asked for a group photo, so they all stepped away from Rick and Mary Beth. She was oblivious and just watching away when Rick came up beside her. He says “This moment’s almost perfect.” She said yes, with a big smile. He began to kneel and said “It would be even more perfect if you agreed to be my wife.” In a total shock and instant tears, Mary Beth said “Are you sure??” and yelled “YES!” all at the same time. The other rooftops noticed the proposal and they received praises and applause from them as it then turned into an epic “USA” chant going along with the fireworks.
Wedding Vendors:
Reception Location: The McConnell House
Wedding Planner: The Get Together Events
Bridesmaids: Davids Bridal
Groom/Groomsmen: Generation Tux
Makeup Artist: Glam by Natalie
Ceremony String Quartet: Viva La Strings
Videography/Photography: ValCinema 
Couple Photography: Autumn Moultry Photography 

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  1. Richard and Michele Gremillion

    Beautiful photos of a really wonderful event. We so much enjoyed being there and being a part of your very happy day to start a very happy marriage. God bless you both.