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Christian surprised his lovely girlfriend Alexis with a beautiful surprise proposal on December 8, 2020! He told her they were going out to dinner to celebrate dating for 6 months, but they had to swing by a Christmas party real quick. Alexis quickly realized that they were not walking into a Christmas party. She was truly shocked! And she said yes! The beautiful moments were all captured by Fernbrook Films.

The following was written by Christian himself about the big day:
“It’s crazy how people have told me my entire life, ‘When you know, you know.’ I never understood that. Honestly, I never believed it. I prayed for years and God had never truly given me a peace about anyone in the past. Alexis was different. She was so different that I called my dad a week after we started dating to let him know that she was the one. There was a peace that I can’t describe. It was almost like God said, “She’s the one, no questions asked.” Even though I knew, there was so much more to learn. I started to learn more about her family and she got to know mine. We served in church together, prayed together, and knew it wasn’t a matter of “if,” but “when.” 
Two months before I asked her to marry me, I went shopping with two of our close friends, Mark and Juby. I decided not to tell anyone but those two so there would be zero expectation when the time came. A few days before, I picked up the ring and began to tell our families to cancel their plans that Tuesday. Within 72 hours, the Stuard family at F&M Bank allowed me to visit the top floor of their main location in downtown Clarksville, TN. This would be where I would tell Alexis that we were going to stop by a Christmas party, only to give her the ring she’s always wanted. Thanks to Crimson at Fernbrook Films, we were able to walk in to the top floor with cameras ready, and Alexis had no idea. Then, I explained why we were there and told her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her…and the rest is history. The video tells the story perfectly. We couldn’t be more thankful for an experience that neither of us will ever forget!”
Check out this sweet surprise proposal perfectly captured by Fernbrook Films!

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