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We absolutely love proposals, but the best kind are surprise proposals! Wilde Company was able to capture the super sweet surprise proposal that Cat planned for their girlfriend Kara! Please keep reading for Amy from Wilde Company‘s perspective!

I just LOVE capturing surprise proposals and this one was just so incredibly beautiful! I’ve worked with both of these wonderful humans in the past, and capturing them together, and at such a wonderful moment in their lives, was truly so amazing! Here are a few words from them both!

Cat (she/they):

My plan worked out perfectly with Amy’s help! I wanted to find a way to document our engagement without making it obvious that it was going to happen. I asked Amy to send us a message asking to collaborate on a couple’s photo shoot. Meanwhile she and I had already planned pretty much everything! We met at Two Rivers Skate Park (coincidentally where the two of us had our first real conversation) and went to take pictures on the bridge that connects to the Shelby Bottoms Trail. Amy and I were super sneaky when she had us turn back to back and pretended to fix my hair while she handed me the ring. From there I tried my best to string together loving words before I got down on my knee and asked Kara to marry me. It was literally a picture perfect moment.

It feels so wonderful knowing that we are going to have these beautiful pictures of such a precious moment forever. I am so grateful to Amy for all of her help and I’m so happy that she could be there with us!

Kara (she/her):

Going into this shoot I was expecting beauty, love, and grace to be the result. I had no idea just how much the love part would outweigh the others! This was literally the best surprise I could have asked for and the delivery and capture was PERFECT! When I first met Cat I had the honor of watching them fall in a puddle while roller skating. While we didn’t really talk much beyond me asking if they were ok I still felt a spark. That special spark you get when you meet someone who will be very important in your life. We first really talked in the parking lot of the next skate meetup and just skated back and forth for hours chatting and smiling and just enjoying each other’s company. Almost two years later we are still talking and smiling for hours at a time, and still enjoying each other! I couldn’t have asked for a better nesting partner and I am so honored and ecstatic to be their fiancé. Thank you for this beautiful surprise Cat and Amy! I love you Cat!

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