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What is a save the date? Many people think that a save the date is the same as the wedding invitation and it is different and has it’s own value. Why do you need Save the Dates? Well, we will tell you!

  • Save the dates are a very helpful tool for your guests. Typically wedding invitations will go out a month or two before the actual day, but this may not be enough time for someone to plan to come to your wedding (especially if travel is involved). In the world that we live in some people plan events very far in advance so sending a save the date out long before the wedding invitations is a great way for your guests to be able to “save that date” and know not to schedule anything over it!
  • Save the dates are a great way to share fun photos (maybe your engagement photos if you had them done) or other photos you’re your relationship. Since typically wedding invitations do not include photos this is a great place to do so! Some people include the photos on the actual save the dates or you can include printed out photos for your guests to keep or put on their fridge!
  • Save the dates are a great place to give a sneak peek of your wedding theme! You don’t have to show it all off, but just some colors or elements that will be present at your wedding can be a fun preview for your guests.
  • Save the dates are a great way to introduce some details about your day such as a wedding website or registry. This will give your guests a long time to plan on getting you a gift or donating to a fund set up for your big day.
  • Save the dates are also a great way to collect addresses for your actual wedding day. This way you will be sure to have all the addresses of your guests by the time you need to send out your actual invitations.

Save the dates are not essential to your wedding planning, but they can be a great tool to help with many things!

Save the Dates by PaperKuts Studio

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