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You may know Living Ceremonies as a fabulous wedding officiant services, but Benita Livingston of Living Ceremonies also provides premarital sessions as well! She believes these sessions can be important for any couple to do before their big day and here are a few reasons why:
One things Benita says she helps couples do in these sessions is to see any potential issues that they might not have thought about otherwise. Sometimes when people are getting married they just see all the good and ignore some things that may not be good in the future. Benita will listen and work through these things with you in your sessions.
There are many topics that are important and will be covered in these sessions such as:
Effective Communication
The ability to effectively communicate with one another is arguably the most important skill to possess in a marriage. Because it’s possible in situations that both people are meaning well and trying to help their partner, but if it’s not being effectively communicated it can come off as something that it’s not.
“Fighting Fair”
There is a cliché saying when it comes to marriage “it’s not you against each other it’s you two against the problem”.  This is crucial in a marriage. You always want to make sure that you are fighting on the same team and not against each other. You are always trying to tackle a problem together, no matter what it is.
Joining two different families together can be difficult so it’s important to communicate your different family dynamics and how they will come into one.
This is probably the second most important after communication. It can serve as a huge obstacle for a lot of couples. It’s important to figure out how your finances will work once you get married so it’s not always a fight.
These are all very important topics that a couple should be discussing before they enter into a marriage together.
Benita feels that all couples would benefit from premarital sessions, no couple is perfect and that’s okay! Marriage is all about working as a team and this is a great way to start.

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