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One important task that you should do after getting engaged is building your wedding website. It’s the best and easiest way for your guests to find all your wedding details! Here is our list of the things that you should include on your wedding website:

Your Story

One fun thing to include on your wedding website is your love story and engagement story! Not everyone who is coming to your big day may know all the details so it would be a fun thing for them to learn before your wedding day. This is a great place to include photos from your love story and engagement photos if you get them!

Ceremony and Reception Details

This includes where the wedding and reception are going to be located, the time of the wedding and reception, directions to each if they are separate, what to wear if there is a specific dress code, etc. You could also include a timeline of the events of the ceremony to the reception so your guests know how much time to expect to be there.

Guest Accommodations 

If you have family coming from out of town its a good idea to include the hotel information if you are able to secure that. If you were able to get a specific room block at a hotel close to the venue.


It’s crucial to include the RSVP date and you can also include a way for people to RSVP online to make it even easier for you and your guests!

Additional Info

There are a few additional things you could include on your wedding website, such as if it’s a child free wedding or if there is a specific dress code that you want people to adhere to or if there is specific parking information for the venue. Really anything you want your guests to know before!


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