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We know writing vendor reviews is probably the last thing you want to do after your wedding. But supporting local and independent businesses now is more important than ever. The last couple of years have been challenging. Therefore, what you think and say about your favorite local businesses will matter more than ever to them and may be the reason they are able to succeed and stay in business.

If you relied on vendor reviews during your planning process, you know how helpful they are in finding the right vendors. Everyone wants the best to make their wedding unforgettable. By showing your love to your favorite vendors, you can help them find the perfect fit. Keep reading to learn why you should review your vendors.

You Have A Voice.

And in this brave new digital age, your voice is more amplified and has more reach. Consumer opinion, views and experiences have become invaluable.

Customers are leaning more and more into informed, peer-reviewed purchasing decisions.

Best Way to Say Thank You.

If your vendors were prompt and professional and everything was fabulous, what better way to thank them than by giving them an awesome review? A thank-you card is always appropriate but screaming from the rooftops (aka a public online review forum like the Happily Connected review system) is always appreciated.

Help Other Couples.

Did you use reviews to weed through the many vendors who offer wedding services? If so, then you know how important they are. Engaged couples everywhere rely heavily on reviews, so both positive and negative comments can be helpful. Before posting a negative review, we suggest reaching out to the vendor and explaining why you felt their service was less than satisfactory. By doing this, it gives the vendor the opportunity to explain the situation and hopefully come to an agreement with you about the situation. If you still feel it warrants putting a negative review out on social media, be specific about what the problem was and leave out the drama. If the vendor made amends, be sure to add that as well. Constructive feedback and useful advice help the vendor improve their service and helps potential customers.

Support Local Businesses.

A good online review is extremely valuable to any vendor. It helps future clients find vendors they can trust and want to work with.

Remember show your love to your vendors and help couples find the perfect fit!

Online Reviews Boost Google Ranking.

As we all know, a businesses search ranking can often be the difference between success and failure. After all, if people can’t find a business, they can’t hire them or buy from them! This is why it’s so important for you to leave a review for a business you love!

Leave Your Review Today!

So when your favorite wedding vendor asks you to give them a review, do it! By sharing your experience in a review you help them grow their business.


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