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One thing we believe that is essential as a wedding vendor (especially if you are just starting out with your business) is participating in styled shoots! Here are just a few reasons why we think they are important for vendors!

First off, what is a styled shoot? It’s essentially a simulated wedding. The host of the styled shoot will bring all different kinds of wedding vendors together to create a specific vision and then invite multiple photographers / videographers to shoot the event. There will be models that serve as the married couple and sometimes bridal / groom parties as well.

After the event all the vendors will receive the photos to use as they want! They can use them on their website, social media, marketing materials, etc! They are also a great way to inspire engaged couples with the latest wedding trends and show them vendors in their area that can bring their visions to life!

Help to Grow a Budding Business

If you are just starting out as a wedding vendor participating in styled shoots can be a great way to grow your budding business! It’s a great way to “get your feet wet” before you start shooting real weddings. Real weddings can be a lot of work and pressure and doing a styled shoot can definitely give you a taste of what it is like and allow you to hone your skills before stepping all the way in. This is especially great for new wedding venues to be able to showcase what a wedding at their venue would be like before they have officially booked any!

Provides Marketing Material

Participating in a styled shoot is a great way to acquire lots of good marketing material, especially if you haven’t done many (or any) real weddings yet. It allows your following to see what your business can do in a real setting!

Connect With Other Vendors

Styled shoots are also a great way to connect with other wedding vendors in your area. In Nashville specifically, there are around 15,000+ weddings a year (that doesn’t even include the surrounding areas either!) so should not be a competition, but a collaboration. It’s important to be connected to many different kinds of vendors with like-minded people because it can help to grow your business even more!


Participating in styled shoots is a great way to get exposure for your business. Once the photos are released all the vendors that participated will be posting and tagging your business so not only will you get to share with your followers, you will gain the exposure from all the other vendor’s followers as well! Which will hopefully add to your following!

There are so many positives to joining in on styled shoots, perhaps the only downside is the cost. As a participating vendor you will be donating your time, product, and services. Most styled shoots charge photographers and videographers a fee to participate. But trust us, the investment is worth it! Happily Connected offers styled shoot opportunities at least twice a year! Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date!

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