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We Love, Love, Love photo booths at weddings, especially when they are unique and can be customized to fit a couples style! If you are considering a photo booth at your wedding, keep reading for a list from Erin owner of Spitfire Snapshots on  “Why You Need Spitfire Snapshots at Your Wedding!”
Photo Credit: Danielle Aucoin Photography

Photo Booths are fun. You will have fun. Your guests will have fun. It is pure enjoyment for everyone.

Photo Credit: Danielle Aucoin Photography
Photo Credit: Rebecca Vaughan Photography


Both you and your guests go home with a digital or physical picture from the photo booth. The couple can log into a micro site where they can access all the pictures/GIFS, but they are also given a guest book as a souvenir with all the physical print outs. Guests also get to take home their copy, as a lovely favor. All photos are branded with the couples names and the date, so the memory can be relived over and over again.

Spitfire Snapshots at Your wedding
Photo Credit: HM Productions Media
It Fits! 

Big wedding or small wedding, a photo booth works. Big wedding, great, give your guests something exciting to do, during wedding down time. Small wedding, awesome, what a great party enhancement for an intimate event.

 Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages! 

It’s a good time for everyone. Nice clean fun that both adults and children can enjoy.

Photo Credit: Justin Parrott Photography
Photo Credit: Justin Parrott Photography

We customize the decor and the photo overlay to match your day. You can be as specific as you want. Having a theme wedding with tablecloths your Aunt Sally made – we can match the backdrop to them

Talk of the Town!

There are a lot of photo booth options out there, but none of them are like Ms. Sadie Mae. If you want something that is totally unique , that will guarantee your guests are bowled over and leave them talking for years to come, then there is only one choice – Contact Erin to have Spitfire Snapshots at Your Wedding!

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