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Since the COVID-19 pandemic started at the beginning of 2020 it has caused many couple’s to have to postpone their weddings that they have been planning. Whether you were planning for a long or short time, having to postpone your wedding can be devastating.

This is why we think it’s important to find ways to still celebrate your original wedding date while you wait for your new date. Here are a few of our tips:

Have a Virtual Party

Let’s be honest, one of the most fun parts about weddings are the big reception parties! Obviously it’s not safe to have large gatherings like this during the pandemic so maybe host a fun virtual gathering for your family and friends on your original date! You could even send out gift packages to those invited with champagne or something so they can truly celebrate with you! Zoom is a great program to use for this because it allows you to host a lot of people in one virtual room!

Make Cocktails

A fun activity to do on your original wedding date could be to make some fancy cocktails together! Pick a few that you want to try, buy ingredients and make them together and enjoy! Maybe even get dressed up!

Have a Small Ceremony

If you planned a large gathering for your wedding that is no longer safe to do during this pandemic, maybe consider still having a very small ceremony on that date and save the large gathering for a later date. Even if it’s just the two of you, this can still be a special way to honor the wedding date that you planned!

Plan a Fancy Date Night

Whether it’s cooking a fancy meal together, getting take-out from your favorite place, or just getting dressed up at home having a fancy date on your original planned wedding date can be fun! Maybe even have a mock-first dance!

Plan a Photoshoot

Another fun thing to do is to get all dressed up in your wedding attire (if you don’t care about saving it for the actual day) or just fancy clothes and have a photoshoot somewhere on your original wedding date. This is a great way to capture the special day that you have been planning in a different way.

Do Some Sort of Tasting Together

Planning a tasting date at home could be a fun way to commemorate your original wedding date. There are many companies that you can order tasting kits from whether it’s cheese, wine, champagne, beer, etc. Or you can make your own! Don’t forget to get all dressed up for it to make it even fancier!

Read Vows to Each Other

Even if these aren’t the vows that you planned to say to one another at your wedding you could write special vows just for this date that would have been your wedding date if these circumstances hadn’t happened. You could talk about how much you are looking forward to standing in front of your loved ones to marry each other.

No matter what you plan to do on your original wedding date that you had to postpone due to COVID-19, just make sure you spend the date together if that’s possible! And remember what’s important is that you are together and that you love each other.

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