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Considering the most Magical Place on Earth for your honeymoon? April from Main Street Travel Co has some helpful tips if you are considering Walt Disney World for your honeymoon! Keep reading to learn more!


Planning a magical trip to Walt Disney World? The timing can make all the difference! Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the perfect time for your enchanting adventure:

Summer Break: Ideal for families, but beware of the scorching Orlando heat! Consider midday breaks by the resort pool and refreshing visits to Disney’s waterparks.

Holidays: Experience the magic of Halloween and Christmas with dazzling decorations and special parties. Just be prepared for larger crowds and longer wait times.

Festivals: Dive into the festivities at EPCOT! From Festival of the Arts to Flower and Garden in spring, and Food and Wine in the fall – extra delights await during these special times.

Wintertime: Enjoy perfect weather in central Florida! Winter is marathon and cheer competition time, but non-event weekends offer a great balance of manageable crowds and comfortable temperatures.

Consider traveling during off-peak seasons! Planning your trip during less crowded times can save you money on accommodation and possibly even on park tickets. Plus, shorter lines mean more time to meet your favorite characters!

Do Your Research

Research is key! Start by looking into ticket prices, accommodation options, transportation, and food expenses. Having a clear understanding of these costs will help you create a realistic budget. A great travel agency assist you with this research.

Prioritize and Set Goals!

Determine what aspects of the trip are most important to you. Is it staying at a Disney Resort, dining at character restaurants, or purchasing souvenirs? Allocate your budget accordingly, so you can enjoy the experiences that matter most to you.

Set Your Budget

Before you start packing those Mickey ears, let’s talk about something important – creating a budget that will make your Disney dreams come true!

Look for discounts and deals! Keep an eye out for special promotions, packages, or combo deals that could help you save. Main Street Travel, LLC actively tracks promos and applies to qualifying reservations!

Keep track of your expenses! It’s essential to maintain a detailed record of your spending throughout the planning process and during your trip. This way, you can easily evaluate if you’re staying within your budget or if adjustments need to be made.

Remember, creating a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing the magic and joy of a Disney vacation! By planning ahead and being mindful of your expenses, you can treasure every moment while still keeping your financial goals in check.

On vs. Off-Walt Disney Resort Property

Immerse Yourself in the Magic!
Stay in the heart of pixie dust and enchantment at a Walt Disney Resort property! Experience these amazing benefits:
1. Easy Access: Minutes away from the Theme Parks, enjoying shorter travel time means more playtime!
2. Extra Magic Hours Exclusive access to the parks before they officially open or after they’ve closed, making the most of your!
3. Complimentary Transportation: Skylines, Monorails, buses and boats whisk you to and fro, hassle-free!
4. Themed Accommodations: Stay in enchanting and immersive Disney-themed hotels, perfect for families and those young at heart!
5. World-Class Dining: Savor delectable culinary delights right at your doorstep, from character meals to gourmet experiences!


Discover Affordable Magic!
Consider these aspects while exploring off-property options:
1. Lower Costs: Accommodations outside the resort area might offer more budget-friendly options.
2. Flexibility: Choose from a variety of nearby resorts, hotels, or rental homes according to your preferences and needs.
3. Exploring Beyond: Enjoy the opportunity to explore other attractions, entertainment, and dining options available in the vicinity.
4. Local Flavor: Venture into the neighboring communities and immerse yourself in the unique flavors and culture!
5. Peace and Quiet: If you prefer a calmer atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle, off-property accommodations might be ideal!

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