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Linda Dancer, honeymoon specialist gave us her best tips for traveling post COVID-19.

I am sure that many of you had fun and exciting travel plans going into 2020 like I did, but the last few months have caused us all to cancel and reschedule.  I should have been doing Facebook live updates on location from tropical destinations, but instead the last three months I have found myself in my office every day helping my clients reschedule if possible, cancel if necessary, track down refunds – in my thirty years of business I have never had to break so many bride and groom’s hearts by rescheduling their destination wedding, rescheduling honeymoons and postponing milestone family celebrations.  Funny, many think I haven’t been busy since my clients can’t travel, but in reality I have never been busier just keeping in touch with my clients, spending hours on hold trying to reach vendors, keeping up with what is happening with airlines, destinations, hotels all while not getting paid, as travel agents do not get paid till our clients travel.

After participating in countless webinars, skype sessions, conference calls these are a few of the questions I can answer at this point.

  • Are airlines requiring passengers to wear masks?  Yes – Each airline will list on their website their requirements to board, so check with your airline on a regular basis for any updates. ** FAA won’t require face-coverings but the airlines will – so make sure to only get your information from the airline directly to avoid being denied boarding.
  • Are destinations that have reopened requiring arriving passengers to take a covid19 test or travel with a  negative covid19 test form to present upon arrival? yes, each destination is busy putting out information on their tourist board websites and on social media
  • Has the USA passport agency began to process the back log of passport applications as a result of the covid19 shut down? yes

Traveling Post Covid-19

Some links that you might find helpful as you try to navigate planning your travel post Covid19 , these are changing daily and I will update the blog post on a regular basis with official information.


State Department Passport

Erin shares some thoughts about flying in the age of COVID-19

Sandals Resorts  Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness 

Playa Resorts   Safe Stay Promise 

Islands of Tahiti   Borders will open to visitors on July 15th  

Antigua & Barbuda  Tourism Reopens  Safety Protocols 

Jamaica welcomed first visitors to the island on June 16th.

Grenada, Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, Bahamas, Puerto Rico ,Barbados, Saint Martin-and other-tropical destinations have announced they will be reopening soon-even before this blog post goes live at the rate things are changing.

All storms pass eventually, and thank goodness there is light at the end of the tunnel as tropical destinations are opening up or preparing to. While there are many protocols still to learn and I am sure that many of those that have been announced will change as needed ,I just wanted to take a moment to share with you some of what I know thus far.

Remember Dreaming is a form of Planning – and when you are ready to travel I will be here to assist you. Please feel free to email any specific questions you have and I will try my best to get the most up to date information for you.  National Geographic even posted recently why planning a trip can help your mental health.

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