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Hate the thought of your wedding flowers going in the trash after your wedding? So do we! Here are four of our favorite ideas of what to do with your flowers after your wedding day.

flowers after your wedding
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1. Preserve Your Bouquet

Even if you donate a majority of your flowers, we love the idea of preserving your bouquet! Suspended In Time TN is a local company who can preserve your bouquet so you have it for years to come. This is a great option if you are a sentimental person and would like a way to keep your flowers after your big day. It would be a great addition to a new house with your spouse and could make you smile every time you see them on your walls or table!

2. Donate Your Flowers Locally

Find local places like Veteran’s Affairs, a nursing home or retirement community who accepts floral donations. This is a great option to repurpose your flowers after your wedding day and could make someone else smile. Especially if you don’t plan on keeping any of your flowers this is a great way for them to be put to good use! Petal Project – Is a great organization in Nashville, TN who repurpose flowers from private events and delivers them to assisted living patients!

3. Turn Flowers Into Jewelry or Decor

There are other ways to preserve your flowers such as turning them into jewelry or other decor pieces (photo frame, shadow box, tray, etc)!

4. Use Them In Your Garden

If you are an experienced gardener you could extract some of the seeds from your flowers and plant them in your garden at your house! This is a unique way to repurpose your flowers and display them at your house!

Flower Preservation

Flower Preservation by Suspended In Time TN

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