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You Don’t Need Anything

Traditionally when two people get married this means they are combining their lives which usually includes moving in together. But this path isn’t for everyone and many couples chose to live together long before they get married so their homes are already fully furnished. If this is the case a traditional registry may not be right for you and you should consider a honeymoon fund!


Having a traditional registry can get pretty complicated with picking the things that you need, sorting through several gifts, receiving things you didn’t ask for and don’t need, etc. By doing a honeymoon fund you don’t have to worry about unwrapping, sorting or finding a place for all your gifts that you may not even need. 

This can also make things easier on your guests. Choosing wedding gifts for people can be stressful as well, so choosing to help pay for their honeymoon is a way simpler way to show your excitement about their big day! 

Keeping track of all the different gifts that you receive from a traditional registry can be exhausting. By doing a honeymoon fund everything will be recorded in one place making thank you

No Money Worries

The last thing that you want to be doing on your honeymoon is worried about your bills back home. Your honeymoon should be the most relaxing part of your big day, but it can still cause some stress if you are worried about money. If you do a honeymoon fund you can genuinely enjoy your time with your new spouse and not be thinking about how much money you are spending. (Remember you deserve this relaxing time after the stress of planning!)


You may be hesitant about doing a honeymoon fund because you don’t want to feel like you are asking people to just give you money. The great thing about honeymoon funds are that your guests can actually pay for specific things instead of just a dollar amount. For instance, they could choose to pay for your dinner one night, or an excursion, etc. This gives your guests the option of buying you an “experience” instead of just writing you a check. 

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