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By: Rebecca Elder

It’s totally normal for your family and friends to want to document your wedding day from their perspective, but sometimes it can get in the way of how you want it to be remembered. 

Unplugged Wedding
Photo Credit: Rebecca Vaughan Photography

Everyone wants that perfect shot of the bride coming down the aisle, but if a guest gets too bold it can cause your photographer (the person you are actually paying to document your day) to not be able to get that perfect shot themselves. 

If this is something that you are worried about with your loved ones, maybe consider having an unplugged ceremony. Some guests may find this strange, but this is you and your partner’s big day and it should be exactly how YOU want it. 

By asking your guests to put down their phones it will put them in the moment and have them worrying less about getting photos and videos. It will make everyone very present in the love that is being shared!

One of the best ways to let your guests know about your unplugged ceremony is to have a sign when they walk in politely asking them to keep their phones away until the reception. 

Here are some examples:

“Welcome family and friends! We’ve hired a photographer to capture how this moment looks with their camera, so you can capture how it feels with your hearts.”

“As we tie the knot, please be our guest. Our photographer will take care of the rest!”

“Welcome to our unplugged wedding. We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony, so please turn off all phones and cameras. Thank you!”

“The greatest gift you can give us today is to be truly present, so please turn off all phones and cameras and enjoy this special moment with us. ”

“Please turn off your cameras and devices until after the ceremony. We want to see your lovely faces and happy smiles!”

Unplugged wedding
Feature Photo Credit: Ivory Door Studio

Feature Photo Credit: Wilde Company

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