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You’ve said yes to the love of your life! Now it’s time to set the date for your nuptials!  Here are some tips for choosing your wedding date!

Choose the season

The first step that you should take in choosing your wedding date is to decide if there is a particular season, or time of year that you know you want to hold it. Everyone has their preference, whether it be summer, spring, winter or fall. All seasons have pros and cons, it just depends on what you want for your big day! Once you narrow that down it will be easier to come to a decision on a specific date.

Decide what day of the week you want

Once you choose your season decide if there is a specific day of the week that you are wanting. Of course most weddings take place during the weekend (most often Saturdays), but that doesn’t mean you have to follow that. One of the benefits of choosing a weekday or even a Sunday is that a lot of venues/vendors have discounts! I personally got married on a Sunday and we had just as much fun that we would’ve had on a Saturday and we saved a little money. A Friday can also be fun as well! Especially if it’s at night, everyone can come after work and celebrate the weekend along with your union!

Start Shopping Venues/Vendors

Most of the time your wedding date is really affected by what venues or vendors are available. You may know where you want to get married even before you get engaged, so if this is the cause check when them as soon as you can to see what they even have available. The same with vendors that you know you want to include in your big day. You may have to shift things around to be able to incorporate all the vendors that you know you want.

Consider holidays

You may also need to consider what holidays are happening around the time that you are planning your big day. This can effect your wedding in several different ways. For instance, if you hold your wedding around Christmas time, while it could be really magical, it may cause some of your guests to not be able to attend because many people travel and visit family for the holidays. On the other hand, if you are set on having your wedding on a holiday, or holiday themed, don’t let anything stop you! At the end of the day this is wonderful moment is all about you and your spouse, so if you want to get married on New Years, get married on New Years!!

Make sure you have enough time to plan

When coming to a decision on your wedding date, make sure that you give yourself enough time to plan the wedding that you are dreaming of. Once you get engaged there shouldn’t be a huge rush to get married super soon because it only makes the planning more stressful. Giving yourself around a year from your engagement is a great amount of time for planning and making sure you aren’t feeling rushed with your already busy life! But if you would rather plan quickly, you can do that as well. Even though it may makes things more stressful at the time, it’s less time to stress so you may prefer that!

Be flexible

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to be somewhat flexible and not be settled on one very specific date from the start (unless you have one that is sentimental). If there aren’t dates that you just HAVE to have, using a bit of flexibility is always good when shopping for your wedding date. This goes back to hiring venues and vendors because they may not all be available on the same day, so you may have to shift your plans around to get everything that you want.
Once you officially have your wedding date nailed down, don’t forget to celebrate!!
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