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For many people animals are not only pets, but a part of their family. So why wouldn’t you want to have them at your wedding?

Engagement Photos 

Many people opt to include their pets in their engagement photos. This is perfect because you will all be spending a life together! 

Adoptable Animals

A great way to include animals in your wedding, and give back to the community as well is having adoptable pets. There has been a trend happening in weddings lately where instead of bridesmaids having bouquets they hold puppies or kittens instead! (I mean come on, how cute?) Most of the time these animals are adoptable, so it’s a great way to get them seen so that they can find their forever homes. Check out your local animal shelters to learn more about this awesome trend!

Give Your Pet an Important Job

Making your pet a ringbearer or flower girl is a great way to incorporate them in your big day, and is super cute and sweet! You could also just involve them in your wedding party. 

Picture Perfect

Incorporating animals into your wedding portraits are a great way to add a unique and personal touch. (Not to mention it’s super cute!)

All Animals Welcome

Dogs are typically the most common animal that are incorporated into weddings, but other animals can work too!

Photo by: Rebecca Vaughan Photography

But before making the decision to involve your pet in your big day there are a few things that you should consider:

Practice Makes Perfect

If you give your pet a specific job for your wedding day, it may be a good idea to bring them to the venue at some point before and practice what you will be doing so you can see how your pet reacts.

Photo by: Wilde Company

Make Someone In Charge

It’s a great idea to put a family member or friend in charge of your pet if they will be at your wedding so that when you are busy they will be well taken care of. 

Photo by: Wilde Company

Confirm Your Venue Allows Animals

If would be a shame if you planned to involve your pet and the venue does not allow it. Check with the owner before making plans for your pet. 

Photo by: Wilde Company

Consider Your Pet’s Temperament

Make sure that your pet is okay with being around a lot of people. You don’t want to overwhelm your pet or stress them out if this makes them nervous. Also, if your pet tends to not be well behaved having them a part of your big day could just stress you out more and turn into a nightmare. 

Alternative Ways to Incorporate Your Pet 

There are several ways to include your pet in your big day if you don’t think them being present will work. You could include them in your decor, add them with your wedding cake topper, or just simply talk about them all night!

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Photo by: Wilde Company

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