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There are many easy things to keep from your wedding day for memories like your dress, jewerly, decor etc, but one thing we think every bride should keep is some flowers! In order to do this you have to preserve them, or they will simply fall apart, so we have a great dynamic duo to introduce to you that can help preserve your flowers beautifully!
Suspended in Time TN is a flower and memorabilia preservation company that uses a revolutionary method to conserve floral arrangements. Lynn and June work with you to fulfill your specific needs and create encasements which will last for generations. Keep reading to learn more about these two awesome ladies and their business Suspended in Time TN.
Suspended in Time TN - Flower Preservation
How Does It Work?

Here are answers by both lovely ladies:

Lynn:  SITTN uses a revolutionary and proprietary preservation method that allows the flowers to be preserved in a matter of days versus months with other types of preservation.  This helps the flowers keep their shape and color.  We are trained designers and have techniques to “awaken” drooping blooms and revitalize colors.  This means the client gets their encasement(s) back faster, e.g., months rather than a year.

June: I don’t really know a lot about how other companies work. I was a hang the flower upside down kind of girl, but the way the blend consumes the flowers making it a beautiful delicate dry version of its self is just amazing!

Don’t Wait!

Lynn wants all brides to know to not let preserving your flowers be a last-minute decision. It’s best to set up a meeting before your wedding to make the decisions, then once the flowers are delivered, they can preserve them and work on the encasement right away instead of waiting till you return from the honeymoon.  This would help you get the arrangement back sooner.

Preserving your flowers after your big day is something you will not regret! You can continue to admire their beauty and memory for years and years after your wedding!

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