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It’s impossible to plan around rain when weddings are planned so far in advance so what are you to do if there is rain in the forecast for your big day? Although rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, here are our best tips on how to not let rain ruin your day:

Plan Ahead

If you think there is a good chance of rain maybe plan things in case. Such as maybe don’t do a down curled style with your hair if it won’t hold in the rain. Maybe opt for an updo that will look better if it gets wet. Have favors for your guests like umbrellas or blankets just in case! You could always do your wedding photos before or after the day as well if you don’t want them to be in the rain!

Always Have a Plan B

If you are planning on having an outdoor ceremony or reception always have some sort of back up plan just in case you need it in place. You can have a tent on standby or move the ceremony inside at the last minute. You don’t want to be “left out in the rain” with no other plans.

Think About the Season

If you want to try and plan for no rain it’s best to choose a time of year that its less likely to happen. Spring time brings a lot of rain so that may not be the best time. October is statistically the driest month of the year, so maybe it’s a good option!

Make the Best of the Rain

If it does end up raining, then make the best of it! Photography in the rain can produce some of the coolest photos. Using the clear umbrellas is a cute prop for photos in the rain or just go for it and get wet! And just make it fun! Maybe at the end of the night when you are ready to go, go play in the rain with your new spouse!

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