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So you are a Maid of Honor, Best Man or a family member / close friend of someone who is getting married. This is a super exciting time, but one duty that could cause a little stress is having to give a speech. Not everyone is familiar with public speaking so this can be nerve racking. Here are some of our best tips to help you nail your speech!

Have a Catchy Opening Line

Starting out your speech can be the hardest part, but a great way to begin is with a fun opening line. This could be a general joke to get everyone to laugh, or a funny moment related to the couple or your loved one. An example is something like asking the couple to look into each other’s eyes and then saying “You are looking at the person who is statistically most likely to murder you” or you could take a quote from a famous speech from a movie or show such as Michael Scott’s speech at Phyllis’s wedding!

Tell Stories

A great thing to incorporate into a speech is stories! These can be sentimental stories, funny stories, etc. This is great especially if there are people at the wedding who don’t really know you. This could be a great way for them to get to know you and how your are connected to the couple.

Speak From The Heart

Don’t be too rigid with your speech. You don’t have to have every point down robotically. Just simply speak from your heart if you don’t know what to say. Tell them how they have influenced your life in a positive way or how much you care and admire them or their relationship.


Practice makes perfect! Practicing your speech is essential for making sure that your words actually flow the way that you are wanting them too. We recommend practicing at least a few times, maybe reading out loud to a friend so they can help you get everything down how you want.

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