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Cheese and Meat? Yes, Please! One of our favorite wedding reception trends is charcuterie! There are many different options when choosing the type of charcuterie that you want at your wedding reception. If you are looking to serve charcuterie at your wedding or event, Graze Craze offers many amazing options.

Here are some of our favorites ways to serve charcuterie:

Large Charcuterie Spreads

Large charcuterie spreads are very popular in the wedding scene for obvious reasons, look how gorgeous!! They are a great and aesthetically pleasing way to feed your guests. They are great for a cocktail hour for people to graze on while you are off taking photos or having a private moment together. It allows you to have a wide variety of options for your guests to enjoy and it looks pretty!

Small Spreads

If you have a more intimate guest list or limited space for serving a smaller charcuterie spread can be a great option to consider. They are still very pretty, but can reduce the risk of having too much food and wasting it at the end of the night. Can also be more budget friendly!

Personal Servings

Personal charcuterie servings are also a great option for several reasons. If safety is a concern, this can be a great option so everyone can enjoy their own serving instead of everyone hovering and touching over a large spread of food.

Another great tip to consider is taking your guests dietary restrictions into consideration. Everyone has different dietary restrictions, so taking this into account can be a thoughtful and important step is choosing your charcuterie. Graze Craze offers many different options including:

Keto Friendly Boards

Vegetarian Boards 

Gluten-Free Options – charcuterie naturally has a lot of gluten free options with the fruit and vegetables that are included with these spreads!

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