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As an engaged couple, your Bridal Shower is one of the fun events you get to enjoy leading up to your Wedding Day! This is such a fun time when all your ladies and your family come together to celebrate you, the bride or couple depending on the type of celebration you choose. The first step in planning your bridal shower or planning one for someone else is to find the right venue. Here are some tips:

What’s the Vibe?

First step in finding your bridal shower venue is determining what the vibe of the day will be. Are you thinking tea party, garden party, brunch, etc? Will there be an overall theme? Do you want to compliment the theme to the bride’s wedding theme, or do something different? If you can narrow this down it will help you be able to choose when you are looking at different venues.

Venue: TN Tiny Weddings

Guest List

If you can determine the number of guests that you plan to invite this will help you as well. You may see some venues that are just too large or too small for the amount of people that you are inviting.

Modern Spring Wedding Shower

Indoor, Outdoor, or Hybrid

Once you have determined the theme and the guest list you can decide what kind of locale that you want. Indoor, outdoor or a hybrid to match your theme and # of attendees. The time of year can also be a factor in this decision.

Venue: Humbol Company

Venue: Emerson Hall

Table Sizes & Seating

Venue: TN Tiny Weddings

Venue: Hermitage Golf Course

Venue: Billy Goat Hill Retreat


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