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So you are newly engaged and it’s time for your engagement photos! We asked Jordan from Jordan Roepke Photography what you should know before your engagement photos and here is what he had to say!
Have a Conversation
The more your photographer gets to know you, the better they can tailor their style to your needs and desires. They’ll have better ideas about creating meaningful images for you if they understand where you’re coming from and what you value.
Discuss Your Vision
Traditional engagement portraits can be beautiful, but what if you could have something perfectly suited to your tastes and style, or try something new? A photographer is an artist that you’ve hired to create art for you, and discussing possibilities and vision for what you want to do with your images after the session can give your photographer a better idea for what may speak to you as a couple. Maybe an all black and white spread speaks to you, or something more pastoral or urban. Let your photographer know what’s important to you and work with them to develop a style for your session.
Talk Location
Not all locations are good for photo shoots, even if they’re beautiful locations. A beautiful park may face west at sunset, causing you to squint in your images, or permits may be required for certain locations. Make sure you work with your photographer to make the best decisions about where YOU will look your best, not just the best looking location.
Make the Best of Your Time
If you opt for a studio session, this is less of an issue, but a public place with heavy foot traffic may make it ideal to arrive around sunrise to beat the crowds. Ever see your favorite part of the city before anyone gets there? It can be gorgeous, if you’re willing to get up early!
Send Outfits To Your Photographer In Advance
Coordinate outfits and colors with your photographer and your location. They will have insight as to what will make you look your best, and will appreciate knowing what they’ll be working with ahead of time.
Arrive Early
Traffic happens, and the last thing you want is to be 30 minutes late for a 60 minute session. Try to arrive early and stretch your legs, go for a walk together and enjoy the day. An engagement session is about celebrating your love, so the more time you take to just enjoy being with each other will help that come across in photographs.
If you are looking for a great photographer for your engagement photos or wedding, Jordan Roepke Photography is perfect!

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