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Let them eat cookies! 

Traditionally weddings will include a wedding cake as the main dessert to be shared with the couple as well as their guests. But what if you and your spouse don’t really dig cake? What if you want to do something different? What about WEDDING COOKIES?!
Photo Credit: Wilde Company
Not only are cookies delicious and most people enjoy them, but this is a great option instead of having to cut an entire cake for your guests. They are already in individual portions!
Replacing cake with cookies for your wedding is a great option and the possibilities are endless! You could choose as many flavors of cookies that you desire, or there are also endless possibilities for customization!
You can get cookies that incorporate your wedding colors. This is a great way to stay in whatever the theme of your wedding is.
lemon cookies and macaroons
purple and pink ombre cookies
You could incorporate initials, dates, etc as your customization feature.
wedding cookies
wedding cookies
If one person wants to incorporate a sports team, this would also be a great and fun way!
wedding cookies
One of our favorite vendors ever would be a great option for having cookies at your wedding. Allison, owner of  The Rolling Pin can seriously do it all and all her designs are delicious and beautiful!
Also, who says you can only have one or the other, cake or cookies? Do BOTH if you want!! The more the merrier!

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