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It’s time again for Friday Faves! Rebecca from Rebecca Vaughan Photography shared one of her favorite places she’s ever photographed a couple!

In all my years of photographing couples I think that my favorite location that I’ve ever shot at was this absolutely stunning wheat field in the backyard of the bride’s parent’s house in Unionville, TN.

My Aunt Brenda (who is also a photographer) is very good friend’s with the bride’s mother so when she told me that we would be shooting in this stunning wheat field, I was so excited to see it! I had never shot in a location like this, but couldn’t wait to photograph it.

The ceremony took place at a very small church just a couple miles from the bride’s parent’s house. It was simple and intimate, which is exactly what the couple wanted. And the bride’s parent’s were also married in the same church many years ago!


After the ceremony we drove back over to the wheat field and were able to take the couple’s photos together. It definitely did not disappoint! It made for breath taking photos of the bride and groom. We had a perfect (hot) summer day in June which gave us a beautiful blue sky to help shape the photos as well.


Prince Charming


When I first saw the field I kind of wished that the wheat was a little taller, but it ended up being really beautiful being about to have the background of the photos show half wheat and half blue sky. It made the horizon look really unique.

My favorite part was how the sun shining down on the field almost made it glow in the background. The golden color shined beautifully behind the couple and produced some absolutely stunning and unique photos!

Another really fun part was the bride’s parent’s cat Dragon was roaming around outside and in the field and ended up posing in a few photos with the couple!

Unexpected Guest

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