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We asked Amy from Wilde Company about one of her favorite things about photography and she told us about her unique “moody” style, which is stunning!!

Amy told us that Moody Photography is her favorite style of photography because “I love the drama, warmth, romance, and depth that this photography style and editing evokes. I feel that it lends itself to deep and honest emotions, and also creates artwork that conveys that as well.”

It makes the images more than just a photo, it’s a moment. You can feel the emotions coming through the image. You can not only see the love in a couple’s eyes when they look at each other, you can FEEL it!

It also makes the colors pop through, even though they may not be as “bright” as other styles. It gives the colors more contrast which brings a stunning warmth forward in the images!

Below are a few images by Wilde Company that evoke the moody style.

If you are interested in seeing more of Wilde Company’s fantastic work or booking a session, visit their website!

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