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Friends, Lynn and June are the owners and operators of Suspended in Time TN which is a flower and memorabilia preservation company that uses a revolutionary method to conserve floral arrangements. These two friends are passionate about preserving your flowers and other memorabilia and will work with you to create a gorgeous work of art which will last for generations. Keep reading to learn more about these two awesome ladies and their business Suspended in Time TN.

Suspended in Time TN - Flower Preservation
Tell us a little bit about you and how you got started!

Suspended In Time TN (SITTN) is the first flower preservation company in Tennessee and has been helping brides and grooms preserve memories of their special day for over five years.

The company began in a converted garage and several years later, built a large workshop located in Lebanon, TN. A satellite workshop is also maintained in La Vergne, TN. Clients may drop off and pick-up at either location.

What makes Suspended in Time TN unique from other preservation companies?

SITTN uses a revolutionary and proprietary preservation method that allows the flowers to be preserved in a matter of days versus months with other types of preservation.  This helps the flowers keep their shape and color.  We are trained designers and have techniques to “awaken” drooping blooms and revitalize colors.  The blend consumes the flowers making it a beautiful delicate dry version of itself is just amazing! This means the client gets their encasement(s) back faster, e.g., months rather than a year.

What do you want couples to know about your preservation process?

One or both of the trained designers meet with the bride, or their representative, to discuss the encasement and how they want the preserved flowers displayed. The sooner the flowers can be delivered to SITTN after the occasion the better they will preserve, but with our techniques flowers up to seven days old can be preserved in a beautiful state to the couple’s continued enjoyment. Our encasements are sealed and will last for many years, as well as keep their shape and color. We have several styles of encasements to choose from. There is also a trained carpenter available to build custom encasements as well.

suspended in time One piece of advice for couples?

Lynn: Don’t let preserving your flowers be a last-minute decision.  Meet with us before your wedding to make the decisions, then once the flowers are delivered to us, we can preserve them and work on the encasement right away instead of waiting till you return from the honeymoon.  This will also help you get the arrangement back sooner.

Suspended in Time TN - Flower Preservation

June: Put Jesus 1st. Include each other in all major decisions, making them based on fact, not feelings.

Suspended in Time TN - Flower Preservation

Interested in having your flowers preserved email Suspended In Time TN at or contact by phone at Lebanon Workshop 615-470-8696 or La Vergne Satellite Workshop 615-793-3755.


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