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Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life, filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. But as the day flies by, it’s easy to miss some of those precious moments. That’s where John Mark Art Photo/Video comes in! Keep reading to learn more about John Mark and John Mark Art Photo/Video and why you want him to capture the special moments of your big day!

Tell us a little bit about you, and how you got started!

My path to the creative arts was anything but straight. I was born in Spain and traveled extensively through my childhood and early adolescence as part of a military family. I moved to Nashville to attend college and met my wife (an actual Nashville native) and we’ve stayed in the Nashville area. Oddly, technology was my passion, and I had a wonderful 1st career in information systems. Over the years, I was blessed to be able work for an amazing firm and travel across the country working with clients in various industries as a consultant. That life afforded us the ability to retire early and now pursue things that bring us joy. As a lifelong musician, I was always on the periphery of audio and video production and always felt a tug in those directions. When the pandemic hit a few years back I was already working in various capacities with a couple of non-profit organizations and began using my knowledge of technology to assist them with creating video content, especially live streaming to engage with their constituents.    In a short time, I was fully and irretrievably hooked! That work quickly led to forming my own production company and the rest is history.

What makes your business unique?

My time in the corporate world taught me valuable lessons.   They include:

  • Under-promise, but over-deliver with extreme competence
  • Always do what you said you would do
  • Never miss a deadline
  • All things being equal, people will choose to work with people they like, all things not being equal, they will still choose to work with people they like.

In our work, many focus on the technical capabilities – and we have those. Obviously, couples want beautiful, professional quality video, that’s a given. We work hard to ensure we have a good “fit” with our clients, and we hold firm to the principles listed above. I’ve been a groom, a father of the bride, and a father of the groom – I’ve got a bit of context for what our clients are experiencing through the wedding process.  We want our clients to be raving fans that won’t hesitate to recommend us to their friends.

What services do you offer?

Couples Stories – these are documentary videos that are often used at rehearsal dinners and on a loop during cocktail hour prior to the reception.   We take time to sit down with family and friends of the couple to get candid interviews and mix in still photographs of the couple growing up, dating, etc.  We also have the couple speak to the other about their hopes and dreams for the future – separately so it’s a surprise at the premier of the video.  The result is usually both hilarious and sentimental and there are usually more than a few misty eyes at the end.

Highlight reels of the wedding day and the reception. These come in 3 varieties. Short (for social media), Standard, and Extended. We have FAA Part 107 certified drone pilots and will include drone footage as part of our coverage depending on the venue location and desires of the couple.

Full ceremony multi-cam coverage (typically using 4 camera angles)

Hybrid Photo/Video coverage for micro/mini weddings and rehearsals.

What do you enjoy most about working in the wedding industry? 

In no particular order – Seeing and participating in the joy of the day.  Cake.  Working alongside other vendors who work hard, but love what they do. Delivering products that make people smile (and sometimes happy cry).   Did I mention Cake?

What is your favorite part of working with couples?  

No two couples are alike.  They all have different personalities, both as individuals and couples.  As videographers, we get to see and hear them in very personal moments – and that is a trust we do not take lightly.  As those anniversaries roll around each year, I want them to load their video and have a good laugh and/or cry and remember the core reasons for the day – and feel that special feeling of being chosen by one another.

One piece of advice for couples? 

There is great significance to being chosen.  Remember, you are not only choosing the one you commit to spend the rest of your life with, but that person is also choosing you. Over the years, those choices will be tested. How amazing is it to think that the answer will be “I still choose you” regardless of what may come. As for the wedding day itself…relax, enjoy, and let everyone else sweat the details.

Childhood career aspiration? 

Unequivocally,  Astronaut

Any fun facts or hidden talents?

In college and during my early professional career, I played bass with several artists who have gone on to have very successful musical careers.  While my musical skills are average at best, I like to think I was instrumental in their success – strange that none have reached out to have me play with them on tour.  Go figure.  It’s Nashville after all.

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