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We are thrilled to introduce Leigh, the talented artist/owner behind EastLeigh Desserts. Leigh has been whipping up delectable delights since 2010, and her wedding cakes and desserts are sure to make your taste buds dance with joy. Originally from Massachusetts, Leigh has brought her baking expertise to Nashville and is ready to make your wedding day even sweeter. Keep reading to learn more about Leigh and EastLeigh Desserts. And yes she is as Sweet as she Looks! Pun Intended!

Tell us a little bit about you, and how you got started! 

My name is Leigh and I own EastLeigh Desserts.  I specialize in creating wedding cakes and dessert bars.  Baking started at a young age in my grandmother’s kitchen where I learned everything, I know by watching and helping her.  My professional baking business started in 2010 in Massachusetts where I sold baked goods at local farmers’ markets.  I relocated to Nashville four years later in 2014 and officially restarted my professional baking business in 2018.  Since then I have been baking wedding cakes and creating desserts bars for all types of special events.

What makes your business unique? 

All of my baked goods are made in small batches and from scratch.  I operate my business from a home-based commercial kitchen that is fully licensed and inspected.  It provides a great cozy setting for cake tasting consultations with newly engaged couples.  Additionally, I offer a bit more flexibility with my menu and can accommodate special requests whether it’s a cake flavor or a dietary need.

What services do you offer? 

I bake wedding cakes, grooms’ cakes, and mini desserts.  I offer in-person cake tastings or “to-go” cake tasting boxes if preferred as well as delivery to the venue.

What do you enjoy most about working in the wedding industry? 

I love meeting with couples first and foremost!  AND I love hearing about the couple’s wedding vision from the theme of the wedding to the venue to the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses, the color of the flowers, etc.  Every couple is unique, and every wedding is so different.  I love this because it means that each cake is different which fuels my creativity.  I love meeting other vendors in the industry and getting to know them and build relationships with them.  There’s really nothing not to love.  A wedding is such a special time and I am thankful to get to be part of it.

What is your favorite part of working with couples? 

Hearing about how they met and hearing about their vision for their wedding and the details they’re incorporating to make it unique to them.

One piece of advice for couples?

Have FUN with the planning and try not to sweat the small stuff.  It’s easy to get caught up in the planning.  Most of the minute details that you think are a big deal are most often things guests won’t even notice.  Focus on who you are as a couple and honor that.  AND most importantly start with your cake!  Why not start off with a cake tasting that’s fun and delicious?

Childhood career aspiration? 

I think subconsciously I knew I’d become a baker.  It was always something that held my interest and I was always buying all of the baking gadgets and experimenting with recipes.  It took longer to get here as I pursued a more traditional business administration career after graduating from college.

Any fun facts or hidden talents? 

Well, I’m a rabid Nittany Lion college football fan which can be tough while living in SEC country.

To add some sugar, spice and everything nice to your big day, email Leigh today at

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