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Rock Creek Farm is a gorgeous outdoor venue with an awesome Plan B located just 40 short minutes outside of Nashville, Tennessee. The beautiful views make this the perfect space for any celebration. We are so excited to welcome Rock Creek Farm to Happily Connected. We asked Kathy, the owner to tell us more about her wonderful venue!

Tell us all about Rock Creek Farm?

We are a southern charm and elegant venue. There is no need to worry about people getting lost between the church and the reception, no additional traffic and or parking to contend with; simply follow your wedding with a reception under our 3,000+ sq ft pavilion.  Sit back and lounge around our beautiful “Rock Creek” pond, relax and watch beautiful horses grazing or enjoy the party and dance the night away.  Our Venue although located on a farm just outside of Nashville is able to conform to your vision for your event.  We are able to transform from country to elegant based on the clients wants and needs.

How did you get started in weddings?

Funny story!  I actually have an accounting background and never dreamed I would be in the wedding business.  Once I moved to the country my son and future daughter-in-law ask to get married on the farm.  It was AMAZING!  Turned out so beautiful….THEN, my farriers wife, who now is my awesome Event Manager, would come with him when he would trim my horses feet.  She talked me in to it!  She did and still does horse and carriage rides for weddings and events and suggested that I try it….the rest is history.

What are your strengths compared to other wedding venues?

I feel like our strength is the ability to give the bride exactly what she envisions with little or no stress.

What attracts couples to book Rock Creek Farm?

I believe its’ two things, the beautiful landscape and setting along with the fact that we provide EVERYTHING for the perfect wedding or event.  From invitations all the way down to the last candle on the table.  At the beginning of their day, we provide everything and do all the work then at the end of the night all they have to do is get their personal belongings and we do the rest.

What’s the philosophy behind the venue?

Your Vision, Your Style Your Day!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Rock Creek Farm? 

My hope is couples compare apples to apples when choosing their venue.  I know there are MANY options out there and MANY venues that yes get you in very cheap on the front end, BUT, in the end you normally end up spending the same or more money and have to do all the leg work and have all the stress of planning the perfect event.  We pride ourselves on making sure that the Bride, Groom and parents are able to relax and not only enjoy their day and evening but are able to remember what a fun time they had!

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