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Tennessee Tiny Weddings is a beautiful elopement venue with several options for your ceremony, one of which includes the Reflection Pond! The Reflection Pond makes a gorgeous backdrop for your nuptials. We wanted to know more about the making of the pond so we asked Julie to tell us more. Read on to hear the history!

Reflection Pond

The Reflection Pond is something James and I dreamed of for a little over 10 years. When we moved to the Property in the Fall of 2006, which would soon named “The Bright Place”, there was a seasonal pond in the back yard. Seasonal Pond is a fancy way to say, when it rained there was water in the hole for a short period of time and then soon it would be dry again until the next heavy rain fall.

In the Fall of 2017 the actual digging of a real pond started, a pond that would hold water! James was the mastermind behind the pond and the waterfall. James actually studied the water falls at Opryland Hotel and also online so he could get a good understanding of how to build everything properly, from placing each rock in it’s perfect place and also installing a pump to run the Falls. James along with Friends, Mr. Fino and Mr. Daschner worked together to dig the hole, add a liner, and place every rock one by one to their liking. James also added lights around the waterfalls and a switch to shut off the waterfall, hence to where the pond got it’s name …. as when the water is still, it looks like a mirror and Reflection Pond now had a name.

Not only is the Reflection Pond a beautiful sight, it is also a delight to the ear. The sounds of the water cascading off the falls is very relaxing and peaceful. This beautiful part of the property has also become an oasis to many species of local wildlife. Different seasons bring a variety of birds, butterflies, deer, rabbits, fireflies, turtles, frogs, etc, to drop by Reflection Pond for a sip or splash in the soothing waters. Also, the area reflects the many moods of Mother Natures beautiful and breathtaking elements from Sunshine to Snow.

Reflection Pond

Reflection Pond Frozen

The Reflection Pond has become quite a popular Wedding Setting at the Tennessee Tiny Weddings Venue. Wedding Ceremony designs at the Reflection Pond are laid-out and setup different for each event to capture the desires and personalities for each Couple. This setting is absolutely a pristine backdrop for Elopements, Vow Renewals and Weddings Ceremonies with up to 20 guests. The romantic area is filled with peace and tranquility, and of course we always add a splash of Southern Charm and Rustic Elegance.

Grey & white Wedding

Reflection Pond Ceremony

Reflection Pond Ceremony

Pond Wedding

Balloon Release

Force Be with You Ceremony

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