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We are excited to showcase Twila with Twila’s Photography in this week’s #Friendor Friday blog! We asked Twila to tell us a bit about herself and her photography business so you could get to know her better. Twila's Photography


Tell us a little bit about you, and how you got started!

I’m originally from Memphis, TN and came to middle TN to pursue a Photography degree from MTSU. I got the degree and decided to stay in the area because I liked it so much! I’ve dabbled in many photography related jobs over the years, and even said at one point in my early 20s I’d never be a wedding photographer, but never say never because that’s exactly what I’m doing and I absolutely love it. When you’re in college and you’re a photography major you get asked to cover a lot of things. That’s how I got into weddings and portrait work.

What services do you offer and/or what do you specialize in?

I specialize in weddings, but I also photograph a lot of families and children when I’m not doing weddings. I still photograph the occasional Senior Portrait or Artist Session, but weddings are my main thing.

How did you get started in weddings? 

I started in college when my friends were beginning to get married and it kind of escalated from there.

What makes your business unique?

I honestly think it’s me 🙂 That may sound pretty self assured or vain and I really don’t mean it to, but now that I’ve been in business for 9 years and doing photography for 15+ years I’ve learned that the photographer-client relationship is everything in building and sustaining a small business. My client family is just that- like a family and the loyalty they show me is heart warming and empowering. I still feel so happy when I gain new clients, but knowing that I have couples that I’ve photographed from their engagement to wedding to gender reveal party to first born baby to second baby to family reunion photos… well you get the picture (no pun intended). I treasure my clients and their time and trust with me. I don’t have employees or associate photographers. It’s only me with my name on the business so everything I do is with purpose and uniqueness to my client.

What is your favorite part of working with couples?

I’d say my favorite thing is just getting to know them through their sense of humor, their quirks, what they binge on Netflix, and seeing their family/friend relationships. That’s the great thing about weddings, you see everyone’s interaction with each other and it’s beyond awesome when I see the couple have a strong bond with their parents, siblings or whomever they’re close to. That encourages me even more to create beautiful photos that mean something because I can see firsthand my work will be cherished.

One piece of advice for couples?

For the wedding day: Don’t get bogged down in frivolous details that really- after it’s all said and done- don’t matter. Your wedding day is truly meant to be a day for celebration of your commitment to each other and I’d say just always keep that in mind. That doesn’t mean I don’t like beautiful, fun, personalized details because I totally do! Just don’t let those things cloud the reason you’re doing what you’re doing.

Childhood career aspiration? 

I wanted to be a wide range of occupations. My earliest dream was to be a cashier at Kmart. Then I wanted to be a Lab Tech. In my teens I wanted to work in missions and with special needs people. Then I discovered photography around the age of 16 and I wanted to be a photojournalist and travel the world. Through my 4 years at MTSU in the photo program I learned I didn’t want to pursue photojournalism, but I definitely still wanted to work with people and be involved in photography in some way. Weddings is where I landed! Funny enough, in one single wedding day there’s a multitude of photography styles to do and tons of personalities to handle so in a way I’m covering all my bases.

Coffee, tea, wine/cocktail? 

Coffee and Wine are my mainstays, but I do love green tea and a unique cocktail!

Hidden talent? 

I’m really good at remembering pop culture information, movie lines, song lyrics, and random stuff like that. If only I could use this skill for more math and engineering things, and not pop culture, I’d be better in other aspects of my life! lol

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  1. April

    Love Twila and her work! You’ll never meet a more genuine, sweeter, more down to earth person. Great interview!

  2. Linda Driver

    Love your work, and all your family.