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I can guarantee that you’ve never seen an elopement quite like this one, but it’s just in time for Halloween! Vallorie and Dick were married in an abandoned hospital in Nashville. The couple shared their vows in the location that used to be a morgue, which made for a unique ceremony. This wedding was the perfect balance between dark and romantic which was perfect for this fun couple!

After the ceremony the couple took some beautiful photos throughout the hospital, then ended with roller skates and bubbles!

The following is from the perspective of the photographer from Wilde Company:

When our friend Vallorie reached out to us about photographing her and her fiance Dick’s elopement, we were totally down- they are such rad people. And then she told us the location- an abandoned hospital here in Nashville, with the ceremony being in what used to be the morgue’s viewing room. UMMM…What?? I mean- you do vow to love and commit to one another throughout your life, as long as you both shall live, right? So when you consider that you are pledging yourself to one another “till death do us part”, the whole location kinda makes sense!! We loved it. It was the creepiest, coolest, sweetest, and most rock and roll elopement ever!! We really had the chance to play around with creating some killer artistic portraits, which was super fun. And you’d never know by looking at them that it was hot as Hades and we were sweating our butts off! Totally and completely worth it. Since Halloween is right around the corner, it feels appropriate to share their spooktacular elopement with you all!! Grab some Halloween candy and get ready for the best combo of scary/creepy/sweet wedding photos! Also- her dress is gonna slay you!!!

wedding bubbles

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