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Tennessee Tiny Weddings was the perfect setting for the sweet elopement of Laura & Kyler Hanson on 7-2-22. Julie with Tennessee Tiny Weddings officiated and McKenzie Lee Photography captured it beautifully.
Here’s what Julie had to say about this sweet elopement.
Laura & Kyler Hanson are just the sweetest couple.  They are both school teachers and they live in Minnestoa.  They wanted to get married in Tennessee on July 4th weekend.  And they actually got engaged in Tennessee months ago during a trip on the General Jackson Showboat.
When I asked the couple what would make their Wedding Day the most special they replied “Eloping in Tennessee, Focusing on each other and great pics”!  The couple did invite 2 of their bestie’s to come with them.
With Laura & Kyler both being teachers, everything was planned perfectly.
Kyler asked if I had a guitar.  Kyler is a singer and songwriter and he wrote his Bride a song to sing during their Wedding Ceremony and wanted a guitar to play.  He wasn’t going to be able to bring his guitar on the trip.  So, I do have two guitars and told Kyler of course you can use my guitars.  So Kyler used my old Yamaha guitar given to me by my Dad, to sing to his Bride during the ceremony and Kyler used my Red, White & Blue guitar signed by the late Charlie Daniels for a super cute photo opt after the Wedding.
Laura & Kyler just light up the room when they enter.  Their smiles and laughter are infectious.  And their love for each other and their family is so uplifting.
During the ceremony Laura gave her Groom 5 stars, you will see the stars in his hand.  Each star had a very special meaning that went along with it …. so sweet and sentimental.
We love and adore this beautiful Couple and were truly honored to be a part of this magical moment.
From McKenzie Lee Photography
THEY ELOPED!! Kyler & Laura are so incredibly in love that I cried like 3 times during their vows while trying to shoot haha – it’s just so authentic and amazing!  Tennessee Tiny Weddings with Julie & James Tucker has the most versatile and beautiful spot if you’re looking to elope in Nashville!

Elopement - TN Tiny Weddings Elopement - TN Tiny Weddings

Groom Sings to Bride
Groom Sings to Bride
TN Tiny Weddings Bride
Officiant: Julie Tucker
Assistants: James Tripping Tucker & Lisahood Lamont

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